Who Humanists What Humanities Humanism Translations English Humanities Dutch Geesteswetenschappen French Sciences Humaines German Geisteswissenschaft Italian Scienze Umane Spanish Humanidades Broader Terms Trivium Arts Academic Disciplines Class: Humaities in General Narrower Terms It is noteworthy that the disiciplines listed under humanities are different from those listed under so-called equivalents in other languages. In the 1960s, Humanities was a term linked largely with the liberal arts tradition in North Amrerica, corresponding at a less detailed level to Culture et Civilisation and Sciences de L°Homme of the French Tradition. Wiki Humanities Fields Classics History Languages Law Literature Performing Arts Philosophy Religion Another Wiki List has: 2.1 History 2.2 Philosophy 2.3 Religion 2.4 Languages and linguistics 2.5 Literature 2.6 Visual arts 2.7 Architecture, design and applied arts 2.8 Performing arts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_academic_disciplines#Humanities In recent years Humanities and especially Humanities Computing are recognized as categories in the UK where there is now a class in INTUTE which includes headings associated elsewhere with Memory Institutions: General Arts and Humanities Cross-disciplinary (Arts) Humanities (General) Humanities Computing Manuscript Studies Museum/Library/Archive Wiki Wikipedia:WikiProject_Humanities - This would be a parent project for many children : Arts | History | Culture | Sociology many others.

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