World also called the cosmos or the universe is a term to describe everything that exists. Some call this world reality. Some traditions especially in the East, consider the physical world to be Maya (Illusion).

In most cultures the notion of a world is subdivided, sometimes into 2 worlds (microcosm-macrocosm); sometimes into 3 worlds and/or 3 kingdoms.

In many cultures there are also levels of reality, and levels or planes of being. Historically, these are Realms or Loka (Places). In the East:

Immaterial World (arupa-loka).
Fine-Material World (rupa-loka)
Sensuous World (kama-loka

In order to keep these distinctions separate and in order to avoid the hierarchical connotations of planes and levels we distinguish 6 worlds of reality leading to 5 worlds of output.

The seven upper worlds are Bhuloka, Bhuvarloka, Svarloka, Maharloka, Janaloka, Tapoloka and Satyaloka. The second, third and fourth comprise the subtle plane. The highest three comprise the causal plane. The seven lower worlds, collectively known as Naraka or Patala, are (from highest to lowest) Put, Avichi, Samhata, Tamisra, Rijisha, Kudmala and Kakola. From the Saiva Agamic perspective of the 36 tattvas, the pure sphere, shuddha maya - the first five tattvas - is subdivided into 33 planes of existence. The 'pureimpure' realm, shuddhashuddha maya - the seven tattvas from maya tattva to purusha - contains 27 planes of existence. The ashuddha ('impure') realm - of 24 tattvas - has 56 planes of existence.