Mental World

In our approach, the The Mental World is one of 5 Worlds along with the Metaphysical World, Natural World, Man Made World and Social World. The distinction between Metaphysical and Mental may seem unecessary in a modern context, and is often denied. Historically, however, it plays an important role. Disciplines such as Religion and Magic deal mainly with the Metaphysical World. Branches of Philosophy focus on metaphysics. Our concern is not to create new definitions, but to use existing distinctions in classing domains of tangible and intangible culture. Historically, thinkers have made further distinctions between diffferent Planes or Levels of Reality. Where possible we shall use such categories in working towards a GIS of the world of ideas. In terms of different conceptions of Man, the Mental World corresponds to Homo Aestheticus Wiki: Campaign setting Constructed world Fantasy world Fictional universe Logical Mathematical Algebraic Numerical Metrical Organizational Mythopoeic literature