Rose Apple

In Botany, the Rose Apple is a tree (e.g. Syzyygium jambos Alston; Eugenia jambos L.; Jambosa jambos Millsp.). In Mythology, the Rose Apple, which is called Jambu in India is linked with the World Tree and is said to be one of the trees under which the Buddha meditated. http://www.buddhamind.info/leftside/arty/requiz/rose.htm In Religion the Hindu dead are said to have clung to the branches of the Jambu or Rose Apple tree, and climbed to immortality. Symbolically it is linked with the Rose and the Apple. Cologne Sanskrit Dictioanry jambu {-bu} f. the rose apple tree (Eugenia Jambolana or another species) the shrub{nAga-damanI} L. ; ({-bu}) n. the rose apple fruit (? ; g. {varaNAdi}) ={-dvIpa} BhP. N. of a fabulous river (flowing from the mountain Meru ; formed by the juice of the fruits of the immense Jambu tree on that mountain cf. cf. {ADhaka-} , {kAka-} ,{go-rakSa-} , {mahA-}. 5 jambU f. = %{-bu} , the rose apple tree MBh. &c. ; m. = {-svAmin} Jain.

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