In Geograghy, Palani is a place in Tamil Nadu and consists of Palani Hill and Edumban Hill. In Etymology, Palani means Fruit of Wisdom and is thus associated with the Mango Tree which is the Tree of Wisdom. According to legend Edumban used a Kavadi to carry the two hills Sivagiri and Saktigiri to their present position as Palani Hill and Edumban Hill in Tamil Nadu. After hearing the news that his student Sura Badhman was killed in the war between Lord Murugan and him, Edumban the Asura Guru (tutor) of Sura Badhman was very much upset. Edumban on getting the advice of Agasthiar, started moving the two holy hills from North direction to get Mukthi (liberation from birth-death cycle). These holy hills are named as Shiva Giri and Sakthi Giri abode of Lord Shiva, Sakthi, Ganesh, and Murugan. Edumban used Bhrama Thandam as the beam to carry the two hills and used Snake as the rope to tie the two hills to the beam. The stone sculpture of Edumban carrying the two hills is found in Aavinankudi Temple at Palani. Cited from Website: Edumban Temple

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