Savitri, like Isis of Egypt and Greek queen Alcestis, brought her husband, Satyavan back from death. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary sAvitrI f. a verse or prayer addressed to Savitri or the Sun (esp. the celebrated verse also called {gAyatrI} q.v.) initiation as a member of the three twice-born classes by reciting the above verse and investing with the sacred thread (cf. under {sAvitra} , and {upa-nayana}) a partic. form of the Gayatri metre Ked. ; N. of Surya or a daughter of Savitri N. of the wife of Brahma (sometimes regarded as the above verse deified or as the mystical mother of the three twice-born classes , or as the daughter of Savitri by his wife PrisSni) of a wife of Siva L. of a manifestation of Prakriti Cat. of the wife of Satya-vat (king of Salva ; she was daughter of Asva-pati , king of Madra , and is regarded as a type of conjugal love ; her story is the subject of a fine episode of the Maha-bharata ; see {svitryupAkhyAna}) of the wife of Dharma (daughter of Daksha) of the wife of Kasyapa of the wife of Bhoja (king of Dhara) ib. [1211,3] ; of a daughter of Ashtavakra Katha1s. ; of the Yamuna1 river Ba1lar. ; of the Sarasvati R. ; of another river BhP. ; a ray of light , solar ray W. ; the ring-finger L