Palasa Tree

In Botany the Palasa is a Tree (Butea Monosoerma or Butea frondosa or the Butea Gum Tree). Symbolically the Palassa is one of the 7 Sacred Trees. Few dhEvathaas were discussing under a tree, on the gaayathree manthram saying this manthra is * thripadha gayathree, * ashtaaksharaa gaayathree, * chathurvigumsath aksharaani gaayathree etc. This means gaayathree manthram has three parts. One part has eight aksharaas or letters; in all there are 24 letters in the manthram etc. The tree under which these dhEvathaas were talking was having circular leaves. When they were talking like this, the leaves suddenly changed themselves into three in one place on a sprout and three part leaves - [3 ilai oru kambil or oru koththil, oru ilaikku 3 kooRu]. the dhEvathaas discussing were taken by surprise on this sudden change. Since dhEvathaas said thripadhaa gaayathree these leaves also changed into three, having three parts. That tree is the palaasa tree. The leaves are called dharvee, which we use in the homams and in our religious rites. �Odhaiyin paadhai by vaikunthavaasi sriman mukkoor lakshmee narasimhaachaariaar [ref page 156 volume 1]. http://www.ibiblio.org/sripedia/srirangasri/archives/oct04/msg00098.html It is said that Brahma metamorphosed into a palasa tree after being cursed by Parvati.