Picture Dictionary

A Dictionary defines words. A Picture Dictionary or Visual Dictionary uses pictures to illustrate basic concepts. In some early cultures a complex image can use recognized symbols such that it can effectively be read without the addition of words. The Hetu map of the Chinese is an example. Most cultures have versions of images that annotate basic elements: e.g. the 3 goddesses and phases on a drawing of the lunar cycle; the 9 worlds identified on a drawing of Yggrasil or a series of details on a drawing of the microscosm. Such annotated images are useful in their own right. But if the words they contain are systematically linked then every picture becomes a practical lesson in Orientation into the world view of a culture, providing us with controlled vocabulary as we go. More advanced forms of this approach are called Visual Dictionary; identify the detailed parts of an image and thus serve as an introduction to Partonomy. This leads to a further expansion of our precise vocabulary for searching and can of course lead to parts manuals, instruction manuals etc. Dictionaries, Picture Picture Dictionary Picture Dictionaries

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