Sarcostema Viminalis

In Botany, Sarcostema Viminalis is a plant. It is sometimes identified with Soma: Soma is a plant which grows in former Sogdian in what is now known as Turkestan but was once the homeland of the Uttarakuru to which the early Cimmerians belonged. It also grows further north and is found on the mountain slopes of Kerman. Its botanical name is Sarcostema Viminalis. Shoots and stalks of Soma are mixed with curled milk, barley meal, or in India, mixed with nirvana or trinadhanya thought to be wild rice which fermented, produced a strong intoxicant considered nourishing and healthy. It was seen as prolonging life hence as a divine fortifier (J. A de Gobineau). http://cura.free.fr/xv/14boutet.html

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