33 Phyla in Animalia

In the Natural World there were traditionally 3 Kingdoms (Animal, Mineral and Vegetable), now often considered 5 Kingdoms. Using Taxonomy, a form of classification these kingdoms are further subdivided into Divisions or Phyla, Class, Order, Genus and Species. The Animal Kingdom had 33 Phyla: Parazoa A-1 Placozoa A-2 Porifera Radiata A-3 Cnidaria A-4 Ctenophora Acoelomates A-5 Mesozoa A-6 Platyhelminthes A-7 Nemertina A-8 Gnathostomulida Pseudo-coelomates A-9 Gastrotricha A-10 Rotifera A-11 Kinorhyncha A-12 Loricifera A-13 Acanthocephala A-14 Entoprocta A-15 Nematoda A-16 Nematomorpha Protostomes A-17 Ectoprocta A-18 Phoronida A-19 Brachiopoda A-20 Mollusca A-21 Priapulida A-22 Sipuncula A-23 Echiura A-24 Annelida A-25 Tardigrada A-26 Pentastoma A-27 Onychophora A-28 Arthropoda Deuterostomes A-29 Pogonophora A-30 Echinodermata A-31 Chaetognatha A-32 Hemichordata A-33 Chordata Wiki lists 37 http://www.vernonjohns.org/vernjohns/rnanimls.html

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