God of Underworld

The Underworld entails at least three professions or roles in terms of either a Lord, King or a god: 1) Uniderworld in general 2) Wealth 3) Death and the Dead India 1) Underworld Dharma 2) Wealth Kubera, Kuvera 3) Death Yama, Yama Raja China 1) 2) 3) Death Yan Luo (transliteration of Yama Raja) Japan: Enma-O (transiletration of Great King Yama) Iran Yima, Yima X�a, Jamshid Celtic Pwyll God of Underworld Babylon Nergal Canaan Mot Death Greece Hades God of the Underworld and the Dead Ploutos Lord of Underwolrd and Wealth Thanatos Death Rome - Pluto God of the Underworld and the Dead (Hades) Mors Death Celtic Cernunnos Horned God, God of Nature, Animals, Fertility and Underworld Slavic Veles god of earth, waters and Underworld, Egypt Anubis - God of the Dead Osiris - God of the Dead, Ruler of the Underworld Maya Ah Puch

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