The Sanga are Monks, Nuns (Teachers) and constitute of the 3 Jewels of Buddhism. They are the twins of Sanga and therefore this Nakshatra is supposed to produce twins. Mangal in this Nakshatra—specially if the lagna is in Kumbha and Mangal in bhratristhan (3rd hse) indicates twin brother and sister for the native. Or if Ravi, Vrhaspati or Pitri Karaka or lord of the bhava signifying father or son in a similar way is in this Nakshatra then the father or any of the uncles or any of the children may be one of the twin. http://www.astrosalon.com/AAPages/seminar_files/nakshatras_detail/asvini.html Avalokiteshvara is indetified as Sangha Ratna.