Bali Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary bali m. (perhaps fr. {bhR}) tribute , offering , gift , oblation (in later language always with {hR}) tax , impost , royal revenue any offering or propitiatory oblation (esp. an offering of portions of food , such as grain , rice &c. , to certain gods , semi-divine beings , household divinities , spirits , men , birds , other animals and all creatures including even lifeless objects ; it is made before the daily meal by arranging portions of food in a circle or by throwing them into the air outside the house or into the sacred fire ; it is also called {bhUta-yajJa} and was one of the 5 {mahA-yajJas} , or great devotional acts (often ifc. with the object , the receiver , the time , or the place of the offering) ; fragments of food at a meal a victim (often a goat or buffalo) offered to Durga the handle of a chowrie or fly-flapper N. of a Daitya (son of Virocana ; priding himself on his empire over the three worlds , he was humiliated by Vishnu , who appeared before him in the form of a Vamana or dwarf. son of Kasyapa and Aditi and younger brother of Indra , and obtained from him the promise of as much land as he could pace in three steps , whereupon the dwarf expanding himself deprived him of heaven and earth in two steps , but left him the sovereignty of Patala or the lower regions) N. of Indra in the 8th Manv-antara of a Muni of a king i of a son of Su-tapas (cf. {vali}).