Red Bird

Red Bird The Red Bird is sometimes identified as a Red Rice Sparrow. Sometimes it is called the Phoenix. In other traditions the Peacock seems to fulfill a similar role. South - the Red Bird, Summer, Fire, the Sun; Planet, Mars; heart and large intestines (Mackenzie) http://www.sempai.org/~felicia/myth.html
In Southern China: Red Bird Bi An Tapir Yang Goat Zhang Muntjak Ma Horse Lu Deer She Snake Qiu Yin Earth Worm http://www.pp.htv.fi/ivilkki/Chinese_Calendar_and_Astrology.html#12shierdizhi
Bi An, Yang, Zhang, Ma, Lu, She, Qiu Lin
Tapir, Goat, Muntjak, Horse, Deer, Snake, Earth Worm

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