Abraham Terms

In the Old Testament, Abraham sacrificed Isaac. In the Jewsih tradition it is believed that this occured where the Dome of the Rock now stands. Abraham. Some people refer to him as “the first Jew.” Actually, although he is the ancestor of Jews, he is known in the Torah as ha-ivree, “the Hebrew.” One meaning of the Hebrew ha-ivree is “one who is on the other side.” (The Hebrew word la-avor means “to cross over.” Eiver ha-yarden means “on the other side of the Jordan River.” ) The ancient Rabbis interpret ha-ivree in the following way: Because Abraham was the first to acknowledge one God who cannot be seen, he was on “one side” and the rest of the people in the world (including his own family) were on “the other side” in their worship of idols. The Hebrew words lekh l’kha are translated as an instruction to Abraham (who was first known as Abram).
These connections between Abraham, ha-ivree, Hebrew and crossing become the more remarkable when we recall that Abraham is said to have invented the Syriac Alphabet, the Chaldaean alphabet and the magical Transitus fluvii (passing the River) alphabet.  
*About 1,080 years after Noah and the universal flood came Abraham, who, according to some, was a first-rate astrologer and invented the “Chaldean alphabet.”
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