12 Deeds in Life of Buddha

In Lumbini, Where Buddha was born, there is a list of 12 deeds. 1. Bodhissatva Svetaketu descending to be reborn as Pince Siddhartha 2.Queen Mahamayadevi conceiving Boddhissatva as 6 Tusked Elephant in Dream 3. Queen Mahamayadevi giving birth while holding Plaksa Tree 4. Prince Siddhartha displaying skills in archery 5. Prince Siddhartha observing sickness of old, sick, dead man and happy monk 6. Prince Siddhartha austerities for 6 years 7. Prince Siddhartha renouncing beloved wife Yshodhara and son Rahula 8. Prince Siddhartha goes to Seat of Enlightenment at Bodhgaya. 9. Daughters of Mara try to disturb 10. Prince Siddhartha attains Enlightenment 11. Buddha Sakyamuni turning wheel of Dharma to frst 5 siciples at Saranath. 12. Buddha Sakyamuni attaining great Paranirvana at Kusinath.