5 Hills

Pretashila (northwest;VyP,108.67) Ramashila (northeast; VyP,110.15) Prabhas, across the Phalgu river (east; VyP,108.13, 16;109.14) Brahmayoni (southeast; NdP, 2.47.54) Griddhrakuta (southwest These hills are described with respect to the surrounding forests and specific trees, e.g. banyan (Ficus bengalensis) close to Brahmayoni (MbH,3.84.83; VyP,105.45), mango (Magnifera indica) close to Goprachar (VyP,111.35-37), holy bo-tree (Ficus religiosa),i.e. the present Mahabodhi tree at Bodh Gaya (VyP,111.26-27), and thorny bushes (mostly Karaunda, Amaranthus viridis, and Ber, Zizyphus jujuba) around the Griddhrakuta (VyP,108.63). http://www.colorado.edu/Conferences/pilgrimage/papers/Singh-3.html

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