In Japan, Nara is one of the oldest Cities. In India, Nara is linked with Narayana and with Vishnu cf. Hara + Hara > Harihara Siva Vishnu Hari (Vishnu) > 2 Emanations of Vishnu Nara Narayana Arjuna Krishna Sun Moon Light 1/2 of Moon Dark 1/12 of Moon Nara Narayana plucked Two Hairs Man Water Spiritual Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary nara m. (cf. {nR}) a man , a male , a person (pl. men , people) husband hero a man or piece at chess or draughts the pin or gnomon of a sun-dial (cf. {-yantra}) ; person , personal termination (cf. {puruSa}) ; the primeval Man or eternal Spirit pervading the universe (always associated with Narayana , son of the primeval man both are considered either as gods or sages and accordingly called {devau} , {RSI} , {tApasau} in ep. poetry they are the son , of Dharma by Murti or A-hinsa and emanations of Vishnu , Arjuna being identified with Nara , and Krishna with Narayana) Mn. (cf. {-sUnu}) (pl.) a class of myth. beings allied to the Gandharvas and Kim-naras N. of a son of Manu Tamasa of a son of Visvamitra of a son of Gaya and father of Viraj of a son of Su-dhriti and father of Kevala of a son of Bhavan-manyu (Manyu) and father of Samkriti of Bharadvaja of 2 kings of Kasmira of one of the 10 horses of the Moon ({I}) f. a woman (= {nArI}) n. a kind of fragrant grass. 2 nAra mf({I})n. (fr. {nara}) relating to or proceeding from men , human , mortal spiritual (?) m. a man (pl.) water (also sg. n. and {A} f. L.) (prob. invented to explain {nArAyaNa}) ; = {nArAyaNa} a calf ({I}) f. see {nArI} n. a multitude of men dry ginger 3 nAra ka mf(%{I})n. (fr. {naraka}) relating to hell , hellish , infernal ; (with %{loka4}) m. hell AV. (also %{nAraka4} m. VS.) ; m. inhabitant of hell Pur.

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