Sutra sUtra n. (accord. to g. {ardhacAdi} also m. ; fr. {siv} , to sew , and connected with {sUci} and {sUnA}) a thread , yarn , string , line , cord , wire a measuring line (cf. {-pAta}) the sacred thread or cord worn by the first three classes (cf. {yajJopavIta}) a girdle a fibre K a line , stroke a sketch , plan that which like a thread runs through or holds together everything , rule , direction a short sentence or aphoristic rule , and any work or manual consisting of strings of such rules hanging together like threads (these Sutra works form manuals of teaching in ritual , philosophy , grammar &c.: e.g. in ritual there are first the Srauta-sutras , and among them the Kalpa-sutras , founded directly on Sruti q.v. ; they form a kind of rubric to Vedic ceremonial , giving concise rules for the performance of every kind of sacrifice [IW. 146 &c.] ; other kinds of Sruti works are the Grihya-su1tras and Samayacarika or Dharma-sutras i.e. rules for domestic ceremonies and conventional customs , sometimes called collectively Smarta-sutras [as founded on {smRti} or tradition see {smArta}] ; these led to the later Dharmasastras or `law-books [IW. 145] in philosophy each system has its regular text-book of aphorisms written in Sutras by its supposed founder [IW. 60 &c.] ; in Vyakarana or grammar there are the celebrated Sutras of Panini in eight books , which are the groundwork of a vast grammatical literature ; with Buddhists , Pasupatas &c. the term Sutra is applied to original text books as opp. to explanatory works ; with Jainas they form part of the Drishtivada) IW. 162 &c. a kind of tree 232 (cap) sUtra n. thread, cord, esp. the sacred cord worn by the first three classes; string, wire; line, brief rule or a book of such rules.

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