3 Energies

3 Energies
also known as 3 Saktis
Knowledge Will Action
jñanashakti ichchha-shakti kriya-shakti
3 Gunas
Potentiality Agency Actuality
Desire (Sattva) Action (Rajas) and Wisdom (Tamas).
3 Inner Organs
Atma Buddhi Manas
Soul Intelligence Miind
This 3 fold principle becomes a fourfold principle as the 4 iinner organs in he Vedanta to become the 14 parts of the body and later part of the 36 tattvas.. The Shabda-Brahman manifests Itself in a triad of energies – knowledge (jñanashakti), will (ichchha-shakti), and action (kriya-shakti), associated with the three gunas of Prakriti, tamas, sattva, and rajas. From the Parang-Vindu, who is both vindvat-maka and kalatma – i.e., Shakti – issued Raudri, Rudra, and his Shakti, whose forms are fire (vahni), and whose activity is knowledge (jñana); Vama, and Vishnu and his Shakti, whose form is the sun, and whose activity is kriya (action): and Jyeshtha and Brahma and his Shakti, whose form is the Moon and whose activity is desire. The Vamakeshvara Tantra says that Tri-pura is threefold, as Brahma, Vishnu, and Isha; and as the energies desire, wisdom, and action, the energy of will when Brahman would create; the energy of wisdom when She reminds Him, saying Let this be thus ; and when, thus knowing, He acts, She becomes the energy of action. The Devi is thus Ichchha-shakti-jñana-shakti-kriya-shakti-svaru-pini. Quoted from website Shiva and Shakti cf. the Steiner School Wisdom, Beauty, Strength as reflection of Manas, Buddhi and Atma

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