Kriya Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: kriyA f. doing , performing , performance , occupation with (in comp.) , business , act , action , undertaking , activity , work , labour. bodily action , exercise of the limbs L (in Gr.) action (as the general idea expressed by any verb) , verb Kas. on Pa1n2. 1-3 , 1 &c. (according to later grammarians a verb is of two kinds , {sakarma-kriyA} , `active , and {akarma-k-} , intransitive ) a noun of action a literary work medical treatment or practice , applying a remedy , cure (see {sama-kriya-tva} and {viSama-k-}) a religious rite or ceremony , sacrificial act , sacrifice {caramA} , the last ceremony rites performed immediately after death , obsequies , purificatory rites (as ablution &c.) religious action , worship Religious Action (personified as a daughter of Daksha and wife of Dharma or as a daughter of Kardama and wife of Kratu judicial investigation (by human means , as by witnesses , documents , &c. , or by superhuman means , as by various ordeals) atonement disquisition study means expedient

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