Apa Cologne, Sanskrit Dictionary: apa ind. (as a prefix to nouns and verbs , expresses) away , off , back (opposed to {upa} , {anu} , {sam} , {pra}) ; down (opposed to {ud}). 2 Apa 1 m. obtaining ; (mfn.) ifc. to be obtained (cf. {dur-}). 3 Apa 2 m. N. of one of the eight demigods called Vasus f. N. of a constellation 4 Apa 3 n. (fr. 2. {ap} a quantity of water 5 ApA 1. P. {-pibati} , (Impv. 2. du. {Apibatam} {-papau}: Pass. {-pIyate} , &c.) to drink in , suck in or up ; to sip RV. MBh. Ragh. ; to drink in with ears or eyes i.e. to hear or see with attention , hang on to absorb , take away: Caus. {-pAyayati} to cause to drink or suck in

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