Savitra sAvitra mf({I4})n. (fr. {savitR}) relating or belonging to the sun , derived or descended from the sun , belonging to the solar dynasty relating to Savitra i.e. Karna accompanied or effected by the Savitri verse (cf. below) m. a partic. Agni a partic. kind of ladleful (cf. {graha}) (scil. {homa}) a partic. oblation (scil. {kalpa}) N. of the 10th Kalpa (q.v.) a Brahman (accord. to some a Griha-stha who possesses corn in a granary) an embryo or fetus the sun a son or descendant of Savitri (applied to Karna , Candra-ketu , Siva , one of the Vasus , one of the Maruts , and one of the Rudras) N. of one of the peaks of Meru ({I}) f. see below ; {am}) n. (scil. {havis}) a partic. oblation initiation into membership of the twiceborn classes by reciting the Savitri verse and investing with the sacred thread the sacred thread (= yajJopavIta}) N. of various Samans of a Parisishta of the Yajur-veda ; of a partic. Muhurta of the Nakshatra Hasta (presided over by Savitri) of a forest

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