Sugriva son of Indra and Ahilya http://www.salagram.net/sugriva.htm Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary sugrIva mfn. handsome-necked, having a beautiful neck N. of a monkey-king (who , with his army of monkeys headed by Hanumat , assisted Ramacandra in conquering Ravana; he was believed to be the son of the Sun , and was re-established by Rama in the throne of Kishkindha [q. v.] , usurped by his brother Valin) of one of the four horses of Krishna or Vishnu (the other three being Balahaka , Megha-pushpa , and Saivya) of a divine being of the father of the ninth Arhat of the present Avasarpini a kind of pavilion (only L.) a conch N. of Siva or Indra ; a goose ; a hero ; a piece of water N. of a mountain ; a sort of weapon ; the countenance of a friend ; a serpent of Patal N. of an Apsaras N. of a daughter of Daksha and wife of Kasyapa (regarded as the mother of horses , camels , and asses) elder brother of Sugriva N. of Valin; {-veza} m. lord of Sgriva N. of Rama

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