Mukhya mukhya mf({A})n. being in or coming from or belonging to the mouth or face AV. &c. &c. being at the head or at the beginning , first , principal , chief , eminent (ifc. = the first or best or chief among , rarely = {mukha} or {Adi} q.v.) TS. &c. &c. ; m. a leader , guide Kam. N. of a tutelary deity (presiding over one of the 81 or 63 divisions or Padas of an astrological house) VarBrS. Hcat. pl. a class of gods under Manu Savarni Pur. {A}) f. N. of the residence of Varuna VP. n. an essential rite W. reading or teaching the Vedas ib. the month reckoned from new moon to new moon ib. moustache Gal.

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