Ka Terms

Ka is the first consonant of the Sanskrit alphabet , and the first guttural letter. Kha is the second consonant of the alphabet SE Ka, Agni Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary 3 ka 3 m. (according to native authorities) N. of Prajapati or of a Prajapati of Brahman of Daksha; of Vishnu L. ; of Yama L. ; of Garuda ; the soul Tattvas. a particular comet the sun L. ; fire L. ; splendour , light L. ; air L. ; a peacock L. ; the body L. ; time L. ; wealth L. ; sound L. ; a king n. happiness , joy , pleasure water the head ; hair , a head of hair L. ; (also regarded as ind. ; cf. 1. {kam}.) 4 ka 4 a Taddhita affix (much used in forming adjectives ; it may also be added to nouns to express diminution , deterioration , or similarity e.g. %{putraka} , a little son ; {azvaka} , a bad horse or like a horse). 5 kA 1 onomat. imitation of the cry of the ass http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/cgi-bin/tamil/recherche In Russian Ka is derived from Kappa. In Egypt Ka is Corporal presence/life force or vital force. Kala is linked with time. It is also intimately connected with numberL In Gematria ka - kala 1 50 ka - ayuta ka - hau Ka - Ka ka - kaTal Ka - La Ka - Na Ka - niyuta Ka - Sahasra Ka - Zatahasra

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