Prajapati 10: Narayana

Narayana nArAyaNa m. (patr. fr. {nara} q.v.) the son of the original Man (with whom he is generally associated he is identified with Brahma, with Vishnu or Krishna the Apsaras Urvasi is said to have sprung from his thigh elsewhere he is regarded as a Kasyapa or Angirasa , also as chief of the Sadhyas , and with Jainas as the 8th of the 9 black Vasudevas) the Purusha-hymn said to have been composed by Narayana) (as synonym of Vishnu) N. of the 2nd month (reckoning from Magairsha) a mystical N. of the letter A N. of a son of Aja-mila of a son of Bhu-mitra or Bhumi-mitra (a prince of the dynasty of the Kanvyanas) of a son of Nara-hari of sev. men , authors and commentators (also with {AcArya}. {kavi}, {gArgya}, {cakra-cUDAmaNi}, {daiva-vid}, {dharmAdhikArin}, {paNDina}, {paNDita}, {dharmAdkikAriG} {paNDitAcArya}, {parivrAj} , {bhaTTa} [cf. below , and {bhaTTa-n-}] , {bhaTTAcArya}, bhaTTAraDa} , {bhAratI}, {bhiSaj}, {muni} , {yati}, {yatIvara}, {rAya} , {vandya}, vAdIzvara}, {vidyA-vinoda}, {vaiSNava-muni} , {zarman}, {sarasvatI} , {sarva-jJa}, {sArvabhauma}); mf({I})n. relating or belonging to Narayana or Krishna (m. pl. the warriors of K�shna (with {kSetra}) N. of the ground on the banks of the Ganges for a distance of 4 cubits from the water (with {cUrNa}) a partic. medicinal powder (with {taila}) a medic. oil expressed from various plants

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