Vinaya (Sense of Propriety, Humility)

vinaya (sense of propriety, humility) Cologne Sanskrit Dictioanary vinaya 2 mfn. (for 1. see p. 969) leading away or asunder , separating cast , thrown secret L. m. taking away , removal , withdrawal leading , guidance , training (esp. moral trñtraining) , education , discipline , control (with Buddhists) the rules of discipline for monks good breeding , propriety of conduct , decency , modesty , mildness (in the Puranas sometimes personified as son of Kriya or of Lajja) an office , business N. of a son of Sudyumna a man of subdued senses a merchant , trader {A}) f. Sida Cordifolia {-karman} n. instruction {-kSudraka} or {-ka-vastu} n. N. of a Buddhist wk. ; {-grAhin} mfn. conforming to rules of discipline , compliant , tractable m. an elephant which obeys orders {-jyotis} (?) m. N. of a Muni {-tA} f. good behaviour ; modesty {-datta} m. N. of a man {-deva} m. N. of a teacher of a poet {-nandin} m. N. of the leader of a Jaina sect {-M-dhara} m. N. of a chamberlain {-pattra} n. = {-sUtra} (below) {-piTaka} , basket of discipline (with Buddhists) the collection of treatises on discipline (cf: above) {-pradhAna} mfn. having humility pre-eminent , of which modesty is chief {-pramAthin} mfn. violating propriety , behaving ill or improperly {-bhAj} mfn. possessing propriety or modesty {-maya} mf({I})n. consisting of propriety {-yogin} mfn. possessing humility M {-rAma} m. = {-sundara} C {-vat} mfn. well-behaved (in {a-vin-}) {atI}) f. N. of a woman {-vallI} f. N. of wk. {-vastu} n. (with Buddhists) N. of a section of the works which treat of Vinaya (q.v.) [972,1] {-vAc} mfn. speaking modestly f. modest speech {-vijaya} m. N. of an author Cat. {-vibhaGga} m. N. of wk. {-vibhASA-zAstra} n. N. of a Buddhist wk. {-zrI} f. N. of a woman %{-sAgara} , {-sundara} m. N. of authors {-sUtra} n. (with Buddhists) the Su1tra treating of discipline (cf. above) ; {-stha} mfn. conforming to discipline , compliant , tractable {-svAminI} f. N. of a woman {-yAditya} m. N. of Jayapida of a king of the race of the Calukyas {-pura} n. N. of a town built by Jayapida {-yAdidhara} (i.e. {vinaya-dh-}) m. N. of a man -yAnvita} mfn. endowed with modesty , humble {-yAvanata} mfn. bending down modestly , bowing low with modesty {-yokti} f. pl. modest speech .