4 Dhams

The 4 Dhams are four pilgimage places in Hinduism. They are also called the 4 abodes of the lord (Char Dham) and linked with different names. North Badrinath West Dwarka East Puri South Rameshwaram Puri, Rameshwaram, Dwarka, Badrinath East, South, West, North ----------------------- In popular parlance the Char Dham or Four Abodes of the lord are in the north: 4 Dhams Badrinath Gangotri Kedarnath Yamunotri Badrinath Kedarnath Gangotri - Yamunotri Worshipped as the source of the holy Yamuna River, it lies high up in a deep cleft on the western face of the Banderpunch peak , 3293 m above sea level. Famous for its thermal springs and glaciers, Yamunotri is very close to the Indo-Chinese border. Technically the source of the river is on the Champasar glacier at Saptarishi Kund (12 km further up at a height of 4421 m), but it is at Yamunotri that pilgrims come to worship the Goddess Yamuna and bathe in its chilled waters 223 km from Rishikesh, this mountain shrine is one of the most difficult to access http://www.indiayogi.com/content/pilgrimages/dham.asp The holy river Ganges and her tributaries flow past the Four Dams that are located in the state of Uttaranchal in North India. It is believed that Goddess Ganga descended upon the Earth in the form of a River to help the suffering humanity. It was split into four channels that include Alaknanda (in Badrinath), Mandakini (in Kedarnath), Bhagirathi (in Gangotri) and Yamuna (in Yamunotri). http://www.networktravelindia.com/char-dham.html In terms of what we see in the physical landscape there are the Char Dhams 4 3 2 1 Yamuna Ganges Kedarnath Bhadrinath Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri Alaknanda, Madakini, Bhagirathi, Yamuna