Well Terms

The Well as a source of drinking water is an important tool of everyday life. The well as a source for nourishment also has deep religious and symbolic connotations. In Astronomy, directly above the Vase of Aquarius is an empty circle linked with Aquarius in the East and with Delphinus in the West, which serves as a link between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, as if it were a well opening into the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere to provide new sources of life in the springtime. Not by co-incidence sacred wells play an important role in both the Christian and Islamic traditions. Indeed, every monastery traditionally tends to to have a well in its central courtyard. In China the Jing (Well) is linked with Thursday and with the Southern Quarter of the Sky. Well: Spiritual meaning: http://biblemeanings.info/Words/Geographical/Well.htm

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