Higher World 7. Satya Loka

Satya Loka The numbering depends whether or starts in heaven and goes downwards , or starts on earth and goes upwards as we do here. world 7: cf. 7th heaven Brahma-loka , abode of Brahma , translation to which exempts from rebirth Also called Abode of Truth Visualizing that which is beyond vision is both contradictiory and problematic. The first three levels of godhead, , namely 1 God,, 2 Gods and 3 Gods, as their descriptions, Anam, Agam, Akasha (i.e. Without Name, The Inaccessible, The Incomprehensible) suggest, these levels are beyond the manifest. This is before time and space. So any placing into a given level is more to help the smallness of the human mind than to serve as a description of the almighty dimensions being discussed. Satya Loka, Tapa Loka, Maharloka, Svarloka, Bhuvarloka, Bhuh Loka

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