Sat is translated as eternity and truth and is a starting point of the entire Indian system. The female equivalent is Sati and links with Sarasvati. Sat is: Satya Loka highest of 7 Places ( later 7th heaven) Sat, Cit, Ananda first of the 3 fundamental concepts Sattva first of the 3 Gunas and the 24, 36 Tattvas Satya Yuga purest of the 4 Ages: (cf. golden age). Sat Kanchukas Armours SaTkarman 6 duties of a Brahman Aryasatya sublime truth Saturn in terms of planets Saturday in terms of days of the week. Sate Sati the wife of Siva Satis enough in Latin Satisfy Satisfaction Sat begins as A which becomes the basis of the first 4 of the 7 Places: 1, Anam 2. Agam 3. Akasha 4. AUM Sat is the basis of the A Ka Tha triangle associated with Jana Loka which leads to Vac A of AUM associated with Vibration Vac and Vata which starts the 3 Doshas Fire of Agni which is the sacred flame, is of mixed colors (cf. rainbow), central channel, the sushumna and the basis of the 3 Creative Fires In terms of the months it is the first 2 months: Capricorn and Aqaurius ruled by Saturn It is seen as the key characteristic of Krishna.

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