Anam the nameless corresponds to the primary force, the first of the seven places. It is associated with aka (1) which in potentiality has built into it the 3 fold nature of the trinity and is the basis of akasha and alaksha. Anam reversed is Mana, grain, measure and related to Manna. 1) Anam becomes the first pllace and later the seventh heaven. and leads to 2) Agam which becomes the second place and later the sixth heaven 3) Akash which becomes the third place and later the fifth heaven 4) AUM which becomes the fourth place and later the fourth heaven. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary Anam P. (3. pl. {A-namanti} RV. &c. ; inf. {-namam} {AnamantAm} to bend down , bend , bow , incline to do homage , salute reverently to condescend ; to be propitious (as gods to men) to bring near ; to bend towards or near ; to subdue {-nAmayati} and {-namayati} , to inflect , bend (a bow) , cause to bend , subdue A N A AM 1 God 2nd Male God 1 God 2nd Female God typically called An Anu A An + Am Male Female =Anam