7 Places

There are different versions of the 7 Places. One version which helps to explain the descent into individuality includes:
1. Atomic Form Patra or Anu one appears as innumerable objects
2. Space Desh division is produced in Ever-Indivisible
3. Time Kal change in the Ever-Unchangeable
4. Vibration Aum creative force: obscures Ever-Uncreated
5. Jana Loka abode of Sons of God Alakhsa, the Incomprehensible.
6. Tapa Loka, Holy Spirit, Eternal Patience Agam, the Inaccessible
7. Satya Loka abode of God, Sat Anam, the Nameless
Visualizing that which is beyond vision is both contradictory and problematic. The first three levels of godhead, , namely 1 God,, 2 Gods and 3 Gods, as their descriptions, Anam, Agam, Akasha (i.e. Without Name, The Inaccessible, The Incomprehensible) suggest, these levels are beyond the manifest. This is before time and soace. So any placing into a given level is more to help the smallness of the human mind than to serve as a description of the almighty dimensions being discussed.

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