Vel signifies jñanasakti (power of wisdom);
this was given to Muruga by His Divine Mother. Parvati wishing Him victory over asuras (titans) led by the tyrannous Surapadma. The glittering spear of Muruga is venerated by devotees as Sakti Vel or Veera Vel signifying its extraordinary power and strength. Cited from Website; Murugan
The spear of the Lord called vEl in Tamil confers moksha on the devotee. The two consorts and the vEl are said to represent the three Saktis -- Energies: Will, Action and Knowledge -- of the Lord namely, icchA-Sakti, kriyA-Sakti, and jnAna-Sakti. http://www.geocities.com/profvk/gohitvip/1201.html
Sri Valli & Sri Deivannai Sri Valli- Icha Sakthi Sri Deivannai- Kriya Sakthi HIS Vel- Gnana Sakthi
The favourite weapon of Skanda is the spear. It is used by the Lord not only to destroy the enemies and evildoers but also to protect his devotees from various obstacles and opponents. The poet-devotees mention azhakuvel, punitavel, nalvel, munaivel, peruvel, sevvel, katirvel, iniyavel, ratnavel, tiruvel, vativel, arulvel, paruvel, vetrivel, ayilvel, ayilvel, valvel, arulvel, karunaivel, ethirvel, kanakavel, vajravel, anaiyavel, ethirvel, caturvel etc which protect all parts of the human body (KSK. ll. 71-109). Head, face, forehead, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, cheeks, tongue, thirty two teeth, neck, chest, breast, back neck, back, sixteen ribs, stomach, hip, womb, buttocks, anus, thighs, knees, ankles, feet, toes, hands, arms, naval, veins, genitals, etc. It is interesting to note that Devarayar does not omit any part of the human body to be protected by the Lord. Each part is prone for some disease and by pure devotion one could win the attention of Kumaran who would protect his devotee from any danger. http://murugan.org/research/balambal-healer.htm

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