Ji Terms

Ji is the sixth heavenly stem, yin, earth. Ji in Sanskrit means among others: to win or acquire (by conquest or in gambling) conquer (in battle) , vanquish (in a game or lawsuit) , defeat , excel , surpass to reconquer to conquer (the passions) , overcome or remove (any desire or difficulties or diseases)
Rooster in Chinese Zodiac Tenth in order, Chinese name—JI, sign of honesty Hour—5pm-6:59pm Month—September Western Counterpart—Virgo http://www.usbridalguide.com/special/chinesehoroscopes/Rooster.htm
Ji (箕) is also Winnowing Basket in Sagittarius as part of the Azure Dragon of the East in the hsiu.
In Japan Ji Earth, Prihivi, Downward Direction

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