C is the third letter of the Englsih and the Latin alphabets. In terms of the earlier Phoenician alphabet the thrird letter is Gimel, Throw Stick which seems at first to be completely unrelated. If we go back to the Zodiac Square we see that the week which starts with Saturday (A) and moves to Sunday (B) along the central line, doubles back to the upper left hand corner to reach Monday (C). This doubling back is equivalent to the shape of Gimel. Just as Saturday (A) explored the first member of the trinity as a point and Sunday (B) explored the idea of twin gods, C introduces the idea of a trinity. The origins of such ideas of the trinity are linked directly with phases of the moon which leads to the idea of a downward triangle, the triple goddess, 3 goddesses, 3 gods, 3 Fates etc. The notion of three phases means that the moon has a waxing, full and a waning phase. In this third phase it looks like a C. So C also attests the third phase of the moon. This principle leads direectly to the letter D.

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