Vishnu Avatar 03. Varaha

Varaha is a wild boar linked with Avatar 3 of Vishnu and linked with Adi Varaha at Tirumala. Varaha, was also a white boar who rescued the earth goddess Prithvi (Bhu Devi) during another Great Flood. varAha m. (derivation doubtful) a boar , hog , pig , wild boar (ifc. it denotes , superiority , pre-eminence {vyAghrAdi}) a cloud a bull Col. a ram Delphinus Gangeticus N. of Vishnu in his third or boar-incarnation (cf. {varAhAvatAra} an array of troops in the form of a boar a partic. measure Cyperus Rotundus yam , manioc-root = {varAha-purANa} and {-hopaniSad} (q.v.) N. of a Daitya of a Muni ib. ; of various authors (also with %paNDita} and {zarman}) abridged fr. {varAha-mihira} of the son of a guardian of a temple of a mountain of one of the 18 Dvipas L. f. a species of Cyperus Batatas Edulis.