Subrahmanya is the son of Siva He is alternately called Skanda (Skandha). The sanctum is full of ant hills, and the sand from the ant hills believed to possess medicinal properties, Two goddesses amuda-valli and sundara-valli appeared from the two eyes of mahAvishNu. In the SaravaNa lake these two performed a long penance with the purpose of marrying Lord subrahmaNya. The latter appeared before them and ordained that one of them should be born in the heavenly world and the other in the earthly world. Accordingly amuda-valli became a heavenly child and was adopted by Indra as his daughter. The other one sundara-valli did penance in a hillock in Tamilnadu and was born as vaLLi. These are the two consorts of subrahmaNya. The first one devasenA who sits on the left of the Lord grants us heavenly bliss; the second one vaLLi sits on the right and confers on the devotee all earthly bliss. The spear of the Lord called vEl in Tamil confers moksha on the devotee. The two consorts and the vEl are said to represent the three Saktis -- Energies: Will, Action and Knowledge -- of the Lord namely, icchA-Sakti, kriyA-Sakti, and jnAna-Sakti..... He is deva-senA-pati. His six faces confer the light of wisdom, grace, austerity, mantra-Sakti, victory over evil, and love.The six hills which are especially sacred to him are signified by the six chakras in the human body through which the kundalini rises to travel to the Supreme..... Cited from Website: Beach 1. Subrahmanya, the Lord of Valli and Devasena http://www.murugan.org/research/venkataraman.htm

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