Ahalya means Night The most beautiful woman created by Brahma and given in marriage to Gautam (q.v.); He returned her undefiled even when she was kept under his charge for more than a year. Indra, in the guise of Sage Gautam, seduced her. Gautam, on discovering it, cursed Indra to have a thousand female generative organs on his body, which was later changed to 1000 eyes. http://www.aryabhatt.com/astrology%20book/astrologyA.htm Ahalya who turned into stone when Indradeva, the King of the heaven, molested her. Ahalya was delivered by Lord Ramacandra. Gautama was the grandfather of Krpacarya, one of the heroes of the Battle of Kuruksetra. http://www.bvml.org/books/SB/01/19.html

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