Manu 05: Raivata

Raivata Cologne Sanskrit Dicitonary: raivata m{I})n. (fr. {revat}) descended from a wealthy family , rich relating to Manu Raivata connected with the Saman Raivata m. a cloud a kind of Soma a species of tuberous vegetable (= {suvarNAlu}) N. of Siva as patr. of {revata} and metron. of {revati}) N. of a demon presiding over a partic. disease of children of one of the 11 Rudras of a Daitya of the 5th Manu of a Rishi of a Brahmarshi Lalit. ; of a king MBh. ; of Kakudmin (the ruler of Anarta) Pur. ; of a son of Amritodana by Revati Buddh. ; of a mountain near Kusa-sthali (the capital of the country Anarta) (with {RSabha}) N. of a Saman ({I}) f. (with {iSTi}) N. of a partic. Ish2i (= {pavitreSTi} n. N. of various Samans