Bhava is existence. Bhava is Śiva, and is His name in the watery form of the aṣṭamūrti (eight forms). The Vāyu Purāna says that He is called Bhava because all things come from Him and subsist in water. The Devī is Bhavānī as the Spouse and giver of life to Bhava. Cited from Website: Waves of Bliss Bhave is one of the richest terms: the Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary includes: bhAva m. ( {bhU}) becoming , being , existing , occurring , appearance turning or transition into (loc. or comp.) continuance (opp. to cessation ; {ekoti-bhAva} , continuity of the thread of existence through successive births wrongly translated under {ekoti-bh-state , condition , rank (with {sthAvira} , old age ; {anyambhAvamApadyate} , euphem. = he dies ; state of being anything , esp. ifc. e.g. {bAlabhAva} , the state of being a child , childhood = {bAlatA} , or {tva} ; sometimes added pleonastically to an abstract noun e.g. {tanutA-bhAva} , the state of thinness) true condition or state , truth , reality ....mizra-bhAva}) Cat. ; wanton sport , dalliance birth place of birth , the womb the world , universe an organ of sense superhuman power the Supreme Being advice , instruction L. ; contemplation , meditation L. (cf. {-samanvita}).