Light: 1/7th of

Thoth waged a bet with Selene and won. As a result he gained 1/7th of her light and produced five new days (360-365) as a result of which Nut and Geb had 5 children. Plutarch relates that the sun god Helios (the Greek equivalent of Re) put a curse on Rhea (Nut), forbidding her to give birth on any day of the calendar year. Thanks to intervention by Hermes (Thoth), five epagomenal days were added to the year, on which Nut gave birth to her five children, including Apollo (Horus). Cited from website Nut One of the old Egyptian legends, briefly repeated by Plutarch, may afford us a hint concerning this beginning of the year with the annual revolution of the Great Mother in Ursa Major as the hippopotamus or crocodile. According to this the solar god discovered that the Great Mother, Rhea, had been cohabiting secretly with Saturn. He consequently laid a spell upon her that she should not bring forth a child in either a month or a year. Then Hermes being likewise in love with the goddess copulated with her, and afterwards playing counters with the female moon he won from her the seventieth part of each one of her lights. Out of the whole he composed five days, and added these to the three hundred and sixty, which days the Egyptians call the additional days. Cited from website Ancient Egypt

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