2 Gods

In terms of creation
Anam (first place) leads to Agam (the Inaccessible in the second place), the delimiting Divisor, as we shift from Sat to Cit. Here first distinctions between Subject and Object occur as:
Tat (That) Idam (This)
Nirguna Brahma Saguna Brahma
Purusha Prakrti
Sadasiva Narayana
Hara Hari
Sunya Bhuta
cf. Yin Yang which leads to stage 3 with 3 gods in place
3: Akasha the incomprehensible, which will lead to distinctions at stage 4 between Deva Devi. Meanwhile stage 2 prepares the way for various distinctions entailing 2 principles and 2 gods:
Light Darkness
Good Weather God Storm God
Creation Destruction
Lunar Race Solar Race
India Varuna
Mitra, Indra
Vishnu Shiva
Brihaspati Shukra
Wisdom Knowledge,
Magic, Medicine
Cosmic Order Social Order
In  Iran
Spenta Mainyu (Light) Angra Mainyu (Darkness)
In  Egypt
Horus Set
In  Greece
Jupiter Saturn
Even when there are 33 gods in the Indian system there are 31 basiic gods (12 Adityas, 11 Rudras, 8 Vasus) plus a series of groups of 2 contending for positions 32 and 33: Dyaus Prithvi Heaven Earth Indra Prajapati Aswin 1 Aswin 2 Nakula Sahadeva cf. Balarama Krishna Creative potency Creation cf. Yin Yang Shiva Shakti Hang Sah.

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