Adad is the Sumerian Storm god known as the Thunderer. Adad is married to Shala. His name is probably etymologically connected with Arabic hadda to break and haddat, thunder. In Sumer, He is known as Ishkur, and is already metnioned in the Fara god-list. His cult-center was Karkara, and his temple the E-karkara, described in the Sumerian Temple Hymns. He is the son of either Anu or Enlil, and also twin brother of Enki..... Adad (the Canaanite Hadad, the Hurrian Teshub, the Egyptian Resheph, Rimmon, the Phoenician Baal/Bel, the Sumerian Ishkur) is the Mesopotamian storm god, the Lord of the Natural World of Elements, Prince/ Master of the Earth and the Earth Shaker, Lord of the Clouds and Rains, gentle or destructive, such as the spring showers, the devastating winter storms and the floods, Lord of Prevision. Cited from Website: Adad Adad in Akkadian and Ishkur in Sumerian are the names of the storm-god in the Babylonian-Assyrian pantheon, both usually written by the logogram dIM. The Akkadian god Adad is cognate in name and functions with northwest Semitic god Hadad. Lord of abundance, the controller of the floodgates of the earth

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