Al-Uzza, the Strong One, was one of the most venerated Arab Deities, and the Goddess of the morning and evening star, Venus....She has much in common with Ishtar and Astarte as Morning and Evening Star Goddesses—they all have aspects of both Love and War Goddess, and big cats were sacred to Them. She is shown here armed as a bellatrix, standing before an acacia tree, with a caracal, or desert lynx. Cited from website: Arab Triple Goddess. Al-Uzza was one of the three goddesses of pre-Islamic Mecca along with Allat and Manat. As such they were an Arabian version of the triple goddess or the Great Goddess that began in India as Devi with 108, 1008 names. the major deities of the pre-Islamic era were al-Lat (the Goddess), worshiped in the shape of a square stone; al-Uzzah (the Mighty), a goddess identified with the morning star and worshiped as a thigh-bone-shaped slab of granite between al Talf and Mecca. Al-Uzza became identified with Atargatis-Aphrodite Cited from Website: al-Uzza was the goddess of springs. She was also represented in-the form of three samura palms, which stood, and still stand, by her stone (Briffault). Cited from Website: Luanr Passion Al Uzza, Goddess of the dawn Arabic http://folk.ntnu.no/wiborg/tableofgods/index.php?sort=name

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