Hephaestus tried to rape Athena. The result was sperm that reached the earth, was cared for by Gaia and led to Erichtonius, who was half man-half serpent, was kept in a cista, and then seen by Aglaula who committed suicide. In mythology, Haephestus (Vulcan) is one of the 12 Olympian Gods, married with Aphrodite (Venus). He is the god of Fire and the divine smithy, craftsman and artificer. In India, there are parallels with the Tvastr. With the Celts there is the Smith God, Govannon. Hephaesus, (Hephaits, Hebrew word from Gen 11:1, which in Greek is Hephaizt. http://biblicalstudies.qldwide.net.au/pagan_christianity_today_part3.html Hephaestus 1286 http://www.jwmt.org/v1n7/isop.html