Balarama is seen as the elder brother of Krishna. is linked with white Balarams is associated with Avatar 7 and Krishna is Avatar 8. Balarama is in charge of Sat and Cit. Sanskrit, Tamil and Pahlavi Dictionaries (mwd) balarAma m. N. of the elder brother of Krishna and third of the Ramas (regarded as the 8th Avatara of Vishnu , sometimes as an incarnation of the great serpent Sesha or An-anta ; he is also called Bala , Bala-deva , Bala-bhadra , and Halayudha , {-pancAnana} m. N. of a grammarian In another tradition Balarama is sometimes seen as the 9th avatar of Vishnu. Balarama is supposed to be the very incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Balarama in Dwapariyuga brought the river Nagavali along with the furrow of his tiller and consecrated a temple on the shores of the river Nagavali. That is the temple of Uma and Rudra Koteswara. All the Gods angels and their minions arrived on the shores of Nagavali and paid their obeisance to Lord Rudra, Indra, the Lord of Paradise was, some how late. By the time he arrived, it was late in the night, he tried to gatecrash his entry. At the time, Nandiswara, the great Vahana of Rudra was keeping vigil at the gate. He did not allow Indra to go in, as it was time for Lord Rudra to rest with Mata Parvathi. Indra was adamant in his demand to enter the temple, infuriated by his perverse persistence, Nandiswara kicked him violently and sent him flowing in the air towards the eastern side. Indra fell unconscious in a painful state. Then it is said, he offered his prayer to the Sun God for relief of his body pains and exhaustion. The Sun God took pity on him and touched Lord Indra with his innumerable rays and got back his strength and relief from pain. He was grateful to the Sun God who gave him back his strength and relief from pain. He begged the Sun God to allow him to stay there forever and spend his time serving the relief giving Sun God. http://www.astrologyforu.com/others/events/2006/ratha-sapthami-2006.php

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