aN Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: to sound to breathe the substitute for privative to breathe , respire , gasp ; to live to move Latin: animus an, aniti, anati breathe, live. -- {apa} breathe out or away. {ud} [[,]] breathe up, breathe away. {pra} breathe in, respire, live. C. revive. {vi} breathe, breathe through. {sam} breathe, live. {anusam} breathe after. The privative sense is also found in Greek. In terms of our story of the alphabet this means that if 21.12 21.06 Saturn is A then Sun is not A This explains why the Phoenician alphabet uses a sign for not A as B. An is the Sumerian word for sky and heaven and Ki is the word for Earth. This leads to combinations such as An-Ki and words such as Anu and then Anunaki.

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