Bhadra Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: bhadra mf({A}) n. blessed , auspicious , fortunate , prosperous , happy good , gracious , friendly , kind ib. ; excellent , fair , beautiful , lovely , pleasant , dear ib. ; good i.e. skilful in (loc.) great L. ; (with {nRpati} m. a good or gracious king with {kAnta} m. a beautiful lover or husband with {diz} f. the auspicious quarter i.e. the south with {vAc} f. kind or friendly speech voc. m. and f. sg. and pl. {bhadra} , {-dre} , {-drAH} , often in familiar address = my good sir or lady , my dear or my dears , good people Mn. {am} and {ayA} ind , happily , fortunately , joyfully {-am} with {kR} or {A-car} , to do well m. (prob.) a sanctimonious hypocrite (v.l. {-dra-prekSaNikaiH}) a partic. kind of elephant (also N. of a world elephant) a bullock a water wagtail Var. (cf. {-nAman}) Nauclea Cadamba or Tithymalus Antiquorum N. of Siva of mount Meru L. ; of a class of gods (pl.) under the third Manu of a people (pl.) AV.Paris3. ; of one of the 12 sons of Vishnu and one of the Tushita deities in the Svayambhava Manv-antara (with Jainas) of the third of the 9 white Balas of a son of Vasu-deva and Devaki (or Pauravi) of a son of Krishna of a son of Upacarumat Buddh. of an actor of a friend of Bana Vas. N. of a partic. world ; ({A}) f. a cow N. of various plants (= {anantA} , {aparijAtA} , {kRSNA} , {jIvantI} , {nIlI} , {rAsnA} &c.) N. of a metre of the 2nd , 7th and 12th days of the lunar fortnight of the 7th movable Karana (s.v. ; cf. also 2. {bhadrA-karaNa}) of a form of Durga of a goddess of a Buddhist deity of a Sakti of Dakshayani of a Vidya-dhari1 of a Surangana Sinhas. of a daughter of Surabhi of a wife of Vasu-devi of the wife of Vaisravana of a daughter of Soma and wife of Utathya of a daughter of Raudrasva and the Apsaras Ghritaci of a Kakshivati and wife of Vyushitasva of a daughter of Meru and wife of Bhadrasva of a daughter of Sruta-kirti and wife of Krishna of various rivers (esp. of one described as rising on the northern summit of Meru and flowing through Uttarakuru into the northern ocean) the celestial Ganges of a lake n. prosperity , happiness , health , welfare , good fortune (also pl.) (%{bhadraMtasya} or {tasmai} , prosperity to him! {bhadraMte} or {vaH} often used parenthetically in a sentence = if you please , or to fill up a verse ; {bhadramupalAh} , happiness to you , O stones! Santis. {bhadram} with {kR} and dat. , to grant welfare to , bless gold iron or steel kind of Cyperus (= {-musta}) a partic. posture in sitting Cat. ; a partic. Karana L. (cf. f.) a partic. mystic sign AgP. a partic. part of a house Nalac. N. of various Samans 2 bhadrA 1 f. of {bhadra} , in comp. -1. 3 bhadrA 2 ind. (g. {sAkSAd-Adi}) , in comp. -2. 4 bhAdra m. (fr. {bhadra} , of which it is also the Vriddhi form in comp.) the month Bhadra (= {-pada} below) Ra1jat. ; ({I}) f. (scil. {tithi}) the day of full moon in the month Bhadra .